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Labyrinth Art Gallery + Online Store – Stunning Limited Edition Artwork

Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton offers collectable Pop Art, on a variety of medium and sizes, from Original Neon and LED’s to Limited Editions, on Anodised Aluminium and Premium Papers. Labyrinth Gallery also has on offer a selection of fascinating and perfect pressies, collectables such as Ltd Edition books, life masks and exhibition memorabilia. The gallery boasts some of the best Bowie artwork available, from Sidoli neon to Duffy prints and collectable masks, there’s something for every art lover to get lost in the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth welcomes
Brian Aris to the Gallery

Moving on from a successful career as a photojournalist, Brian Aris soon became the go-to photographer for many of the biggest names in the music industry. His archive represents one of the largest individual collections in the U.K. and covers a diverse range of subjects from pop stars to punk bands and official royal portraits.

Customer Reviews

Testimonial for Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton


I am a huge fan of Debbie Harry, and as soon as I set my eyes on Sidoli’s Studio 54 piece in Labyrinth Gallery, I fell in love!
Testimonial from Emma - Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton


When I visited Labyrinth Gallery I fell in love with two pieces from Louis Sidoli but the David Bowie 1976 in Aqua was the piece I couldn’t leave without!


I stopped in my tracks! I am a huge Debbie Harry fan and am fascinated by the Studio 54 culture and late 1970s New York art and music scene. This piece has it all.

Louis Sidoli

Featured Artist

Influenced by the likes of Warhol and has incorporated his art into a series of works, which is both breathtaking and unique. Pieces are handcrafted in glass, neon, walnut and aluminium.

Louis Sidoli is one of the UK’s most innovative artists, best known for his ‘Most Wanted‘ mugshot art and groundbreaking neon work. Since 2007 he has worked with some of the biggest names in the retail art world. His work has been exhibited and sold at over 100 galleries worldwide including Harrods, London and kaDeWe in Berlin (German Harrods). His collectors include many high profile personalities such as Liam Gallagher, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Neville and Henry Holland to name a few. Sidoli’s portfolio of cutting edge work with unparalleled craftsmanship has also attracted the support of some of the world’s most renowned brands such as Aston Martin as well as creative collaborations with the likes of football icon Pele and legendary photographer Terry O’Neill.



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