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Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton offers collectable Pop Art, on a variety of medium and sizes, from Original Neon and LED’s to Limited Editions, on Anodised Aluminium and Premium Papers. Labyrinth Gallery also has on offer a selection of fascinating and perfect pressies, collectables such as Ltd Edition books, life masks and exhibition memorabilia. The gallery boasts some of the best Bowie artwork available, from Sidoli neon to Duffy prints and collectable masks, there’s something for every art lover to get lost in the Labyrinth.

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Photography Artwork

Limited Editions.

fine art paper

Fine Art Paper Artwork

Limited Editions.

Lenticular Category image

Lenticular Artwork

Limited Editions.

Street/Urban Art & Graffiti

Street/Urban Art & Graffiti

Limited Editions.


Aluminium Artwork

Limited Editions.

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Neon/LED Artwork

Limited Editions.

Books, Masks & Stamps

Books, Masks & Stamps

Limited Editions.

Vinyl & Glass

Vinyl & Glass Artwork

Limited Editions.

Signed Memorabilia & Posters

Signed Memorabilia & Posters

Limited Editions.



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Mick Jagger limited edition artwork made from original vinyl by Keith Haynes

Labyrinth welcomes
Zinsky to the Gallery

Zinsky’s remarkable portraits capture the essence of his subject in a way that sets his work apart from that of his contemporaries. In a world where the art of the icon is in such great demand, he brings something new and exciting to this hugely popular genre. The confidence and skill he demonstrates within his compositions combines with the speed and spontaneity with which he works, demonstrating a raw talent that is completely natural.

Prince by Zinsky

New Neons

Louis Sidoli – New Neons

Louis Sidoli is one of the UK’s most innovative contemporary artists. He pioneered the fusion of pop art portraiture with neon art that has led to numerous prestigious exhibitions. His innovative approach inspired a myriad of other artists, capturing the attention of both art collectors and the media.

We’re delighted to be able to show you his neon collection including his latest pieces “Little Red Corvette” and “Bohemian Rhapsody“.

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Customer Reviews



Just sharing the amazing service and client experience with Darren at his fantastic Labyrinth Gallery in Brighton. Darren made a Prince commission piece happen smoothly and seamlessly, and with a shared passion for many renowned artists. Such a pleasure dealing with you, and we sincerely hope to be Labyrinth clients for many years.

Andy - testimonial


There are many art galleries in Brighton but if you’re a pop art fan, there are none better than Labyrinth Galleries. We had a first class viewing experience, thanks to Darren, the owner, who was happy to show us around. If you’re an art/music lover and in Brighton for the day, do check Labyrinth out.



Your art shop is so amazing. Tonight I spent half an hour on the sofa starting at the moon picture and remembering my dreams of being an astronaut. Thank you for giving us these dreams. Honestly our house is only complete because we walked past your shop and your passion. Thank you!

We are hiring!

With the exciting opening of our new gallery space in Brighton, we are now looking for a senior member of staff with the relevant level of experience to assist the owner with the running of the gallery.

Please see our current position available and in the first instance contact can be made via email to sales@labyrinthart.uk


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