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Labyrinth Art Gallery + Online Store – Stunning Limited Edition Artwork

Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton offers collectable Pop Art, on a variety of medium and sizes, from Original Neon and LED’s to Limited Editions, on Anodised Aluminium and Premium Papers. Labyrinth Gallery also has on offer a selection of fascinating and perfect pressies, collectables such as Ltd Edition books, life masks and exhibition memorabilia. The gallery boasts some of the best Bowie artwork available, from Sidoli neon to Duffy prints and collectable masks, there’s something for every art lover to get lost in the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth welcomes
Steve Parke to the Gallery

Steve Parke is an award-winning illustrator, designer, and photographer. He worked with Prince for 13 years as his in-house art director at Paisley Park — doing everything from designing album covers and hand painting guitars to enlisting every spare pair of hands to melt candles for an impromptu music video. His photography work with Prince has been published in numerous magazines, including People, Rolling Stone, and Vogue, as well as in books like Prince Stories from the Purple Underground. His own book of Prince photography from this time, Picturing Prince, was published in April 2017.

Steve Park - New Artist at Labyrinth Gallery, Brighton.

Customer Reviews

Testimonial for Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton


I am a huge fan of Debbie Harry, and as soon as I set my eyes on Sidoli’s Studio 54 piece in Labyrinth Gallery, I fell in love!
Testimonial from Emma - Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton


When I visited Labyrinth Gallery I fell in love with two pieces from Louis Sidoli but the David Bowie 1976 in Aqua was the piece I couldn’t leave without!


I stopped in my tracks! I am a huge Debbie Harry fan and am fascinated by the Studio 54 culture and late 1970s New York art and music scene. This piece has it all.

Keith Haynes

Featured Artist

London-born, Keith Haynes is a contemporary artist whose work is driven by a passion for music and design. Nostalgic and playful, Keith’s work has carved a distinctive niche in Pop Art culture, blending subject and object through his use of the ‘clutter’ of popular culture – button badges, album covers, and vinyl records.

With his love of graphic design, Keith creates work of striking visual acuity, playing with texture, colour and composition to generate an eye-catching aesthetic. Retrospective and yet also forward-looking, Keith has found a delicate way of holding onto our tactile past, refusing the onslaught of digitalisation.

Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait, a map or song lyric, each piece is created from a material that enhances the subject matter.

In his “Hitsville” map series of works, Keith selects each vinyl record based on the song’s title and the beauty and originality of the record label. Look closely, and you’ll spot the geographical relevance of each record’s positioning, allowing the final piece to become not just a graphic representation but also an evocation of place through sound and music. With this approach the subject is the object, and vice versa.

Keith Haynes - Featured Artist


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