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I’m Darren Marcus, Owner of Labyrinth Gallery, Brighton. Opening this Gallery is nearly 30 years in the making. I have always been drawn to Brighton and finally making the decision to re-locate here last year, has allowed me to realise a life-long ambition to open my own gallery in the town centre. Having a passion for music and art, Labyrinth Gallery Brighton allows me to indulge in 2 of my great loves in life.I have managed a number of retail fashion shops, been a lead singer for a couple of bands and set up a number of Art exhibitions and galleries over the years. Then around 5 years ago, before the untimely death of my ultimate idol Bowie, I saw an exhibition online, from an artist who I had known and dealt with for a number of years, but who I hadn’t spoken to for some time. His exhibition of Iconic art, inspired by Pop Culture, featuring David Bowie, ultimately inspired me to focus on this genre of art for the gallery and I look forward to meeting anyone who is interested, at the gallery very soon.


Although in the city centre, around the corner from the busy main streets, Dukes Lane offers a more relaxed and exclusive shopping experience, for collectable art. Dukes Lane has always had a special appeal and charm of its own and with some great existing and new stores opening here, I hope it will continue to be one of the best known secrets in Brighton.

Darren Marcus, Labyrinth Art Gallery Brighton

Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me
Bowie/MacCormack 1973-76

We have co-ordinated the opening of the gallery with the Bowie exhibition at Brighton Museum. It is an amazing collection of unseen photography, taken by one of Bowie’s best childhood friends Geoff MacCormack.
This is another reason why I have featured Bowie in the selection of pictures at the gallery. This will evolve over the next few months and I will be looking to continue to add and feature a number of other well-known Icons to the display. You will also find pictures of Debbie Harry, George Michael, Prince, Freddy Mercury and Elvis amongst others.

I will initially be focusing on an artist called Louis Sidoli. There will be 2 or 3 more artists displayed and another well-known artist, who will be announced very soon. These artists work, will be available exclusively to Labyrinth Gallery in Brighton and online. We are currently working with Louis because I love his Neon and LED artwork and his ability to make almost anything by hand. He is influenced by the likes of Warhol and has incorporated his art into a series of works, which is both breath taking and unique. Some of these pieces are handcrafted in glass, neon, walnut and aluminium and are a piece of artwork in their own right. A number of these pieces are also now owned by some well-known personalities, some of which were acquired from Louis’ sell out Bowie exhibition in London and one of these pieces is now available for sale at Labyrinth gallery.

Labyrinth Gallery Brighton and labyrinthart.uk online will be offering a warm welcome and a fabulous range of very collectable Pop Art, on a variety of medium and sizes, from Original Neon and LED’s to Limited Editions, on Anodised Aluminium and Premium Papers. You will also find a selection of fascinating and perfect pressies, collectables such as Ltd Edition books, life masks and exhibition memorabilia. We will be very happy to undertake private viewings at the gallery or in your own home or business, specialist commissions and bespoke framing too.

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