Alex Mayhew

Alex is a highly acclaimed and internationally award-winning artist and designer known for his innovative merging of cutting-edge technology and art, creating captivating works that push the boundaries of artistic expression and engage on a visceral level.

Alex was the creator of the groundbreaking and hugely successful “Reblink” exhibition at AGO. This immersive digital intervention art show disrupted thought-provoking commentary with augmented reality, gaining much international recognition through awards and press, and even capturing the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who came for a private tour.

Alex’s work has been exhibited at prestigious institutions worldwide, including MOMI in New York and the National Museum in Singapore. His talent has been recognized by esteemed organizations, such as the BBC and the Tate in London, solidifying his status as an influential figure in the digital art world.

In addition to several design collaborations with musician Peter Gabriel, Alex has worked with renowned artists and institutions, including director Wes Ball (Maze Runner), MIT, the Royal Shakespeare Company (UK), and Brian Froud (Dark Crystal and Labyrinth), highlighting Alex’s ability to seamlessly blend technology, art, and storytelling.

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