Jamie Reid

Born in 1947 into a politically active family, British artist Jamie Reid went on to attend the Croydon Art School where he met the future manager of the Sex Pistols, Malcom McLaren. Jamie is best known for his iconic work with ‘The Sex Pistols’. He is the man behind the album artwork that would define the punk generation. No stranger to scandal, Reid continues to subvert the portraiture of political figureheads, from punking the Queen with safety pins to Nazifying Donald Trump with swastikas.

Reid uses his creative voice to shout about the most contentious of political issues: nuclear weapons, racism, the criminal justice system. His powerful political art prints have earned him a loyal following, with high profile collectors including Vivienne Westwood, Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

Reid continues to subvert political figure heads. His art confronts issues like nuclear weapons, racism and the political justice system.

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