Labyrinth Gallery shop front in Brighton

“Music and art are my two great loves in life and having my own gallery allows me to indulge this passion.”

Darren Marcus, Gallery Owner.

The Lanes in Brighton has to be on the hit list of anyone visiting the hip and happening seaside city. And if it’s limited edition art of pop icons or something eclectic and a bit different you’re after, then Labyrinth Art Gallery at 25 Dukes Lane is the best place to begin your quest, although we can’t promise you won’t get a little lost in art.

Labyrinth Gallery is an independent art gallery in Brighton owned and lovingly curated by David Bowie and uber-music fan Darren, who opened his art gallery October 2020. Dukes Lane is gaining a reputation for its independent art galleries but Labyrinth Gallery stands out for its stylish selection of one-off, limited edition art that you won’t find in the other galleries.

Q&A with Darren Marcus

Q: Tell us a little bit about Labyrinth Gallery and the story behind your brand?

A: Music and art are my two great loves in life and having my own gallery allows me to indulge this passion. And it is my great love of Bowie that inspired me to name my art gallery after the 1986 film in which Bowie starred, ‘Labyrinth’.

Q: What can people expect upon entering the Labyrinth? 

A: Visitors are drawn in by what they see in the window and there are plenty more limited edition prints and fabulous originals upstairs too. As a collector myself, I often bring in my own personal collection into the gallery for sale; signed Bowie tour posters, books and album covers but you have to be quick to get your hands on these! For example I have just brought in a very rare, signed, David Bowie collection of self portraits and there will be only one set of these available.

Darren Marcus outside Labyrinth Gallery in Brighton
Bowie Ssh by Gavin Evans

Q: Which artists and photographers are you working with and why? 

A: I sometimes have to pinch myself that I am working with some of the world’s top international photographers and artists whose work is highly sought after including Louis Sidoli, Duffy, Gavin Evans, Maria Primolan, Brian Aris, Keith Haynes and VeeBee to name a few. Meeting Louis Sidoli was pivotal in my decision to open the gallery in Brighton. Louis is probably best known for his ‘Most Wanted’ art depicting icons such as Elvis, Bowie, George Michael and Prince. Mugshots have never looked so stylish, exclusively available at Labyrinth Gallery. I am also proud to announce our newest collaboration with local, up and coming contemporary mixed media artist Kingez. Some of his work includes The Joker, Marylin Monroe, Amy Winehouse and 3D Flutterfly.

Q: What can people expect from your gallery?

A: It’s been over a year since we opened the door to Labyrinth Gallery at 25 Dukes Lane in Brighton. We have quickly gained a reputation and have over 100 new pieces arriving on a month by month basis. Due to high demand, art leaves the gallery as quickly as it comes in and sometimes doesn’t even make it online! So if you are looking for something special I would advise you to come in and visit us to take full advantage of our current stock. We can of course take pre-orders and reserve items too.

Q: What artwork are you most excited about? 

A: Expect to see our new neon art collection from Louis Sidoli including a Steve McQueen neon, as well as neon and vinyl collection from contemporary artist, Keith Haynes and some very exciting exclusives by The Postman. I am also excited to announce Nick Cave and Iggy Pop are entering the Labyrinth as a special limited edition lenticular (moving image) from world renowned photographer, Gavin Evans who has photographed some of the world’s most iconic names in popular culture including the famous David Bowie Shhhh.

Debbie Harry in New York
Elvis by Louis Sidoli

Q: Do you offer affordable art? 

A: Yes, we offer 0% interest free options as well as specialist commissions and bespoke framing. 

Q: What does shopping ‘small’ or ‘local’ really mean for independent businesses? 

A: The gallery has become a meeting place for the local community – bringing photographers, artists and people with a keen eye for pop icons and stylish art together. It is key that local businesses and the residents of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas continue to visit us to help keep us going through the winter months. We are not your typical gallery, we love chatting to people about art and music so do feel free to come in whenever you’re passing.

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