Edition: 25
Medium: Printed original
Materials: Giclee Print on museum quality metallic paper

Size (cm): Small (30x45cm), Medium (50x75cm), Large (61x93cm)

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Kabuki by Lex Mayhew

About this piece: In the mesmerizing era of Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie seamlessly integrated the vibrant spirit of Kabuki into his performances, embodying the bold and flamboyant essence of this
traditional Japanese theater form. Far from a surface-level appropriation, Bowie engaged in a transformative collaboration with Japanese creatives, including Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando V and designer Kansai Yamamoto. Their artistic synergy transcended national and gender boundaries, shaping Bowie’s multifaceted identity.

This work pays homage to this spirited connection in the cybernetic realm through a reimaging that not only visually echoes the allure of Kabuki but also encapsulates Bowie’s deep resonance with its artistic nuances. Much like Bowie’s exploration of limitless identity, this cybernetic Bowie Bot stands as a testament to the boundless fusion of cultures that defined Bowie’s extraordinary artistic journey.

This series of original artworks invites us to imagine the new personas David Bowie would have embraced in his immortal existence through a series of cybernetic resurrections. Renowned for transcending conventional identities through his innate ability for fluid change, David Bowie defied the confines of the mortal realm, transcending time and space. Infused with Bowie’s diverse interests, passions, and experiences, his spirit serves as the guarding force in the exploration of the ever-evolving nature of self.

Simultaneously the project investigates the nature of existence and consciousness, confronting the timeless question: Are we merely intricate biological machines shaped by genetic programming and life experiences? As advanced technological systems continue to evolve, their capacity to adopt our personas and potentially attain sentience grows. This raises the tantalizing question: Can these systems truly become us, serving as vessels for our very souls? This thought-provoking endeavour invites us to contemplate the boundaries of human identity, the influence of emergent technologies, and the enigmatic nature of our existence.

Edition of 25

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