The Mad Hatter


Edition: 25
Medium: Mixed Media
Materials:  Museum-quality matte Cotton Rag Paper
Size (cm): 


The Mad Hatter by Lex Mayhew


About this piece:

“Alice” is a mesmerising art collection by Lex Mayhew that seamlessly blends the surreal nature of Alice in Wonderland with unparalleled attention to detail and a powerful narrative. This captivating series takes you on a visual journey inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale, reimagined through the lens of Lex Mayhew’s artistic vision.

Each piece in the “Alice” collection is a testament to Lex Mayhew’s meticulous craftsmanship and deep appreciation for storytelling. From the peculiar characters to the dreamlike landscapes, “Alice” transports you to a world where reality and imagination merge in a dance of vivid colors and intricate design.

The series not only pays homage to Carroll’s classic work but also introduces a fresh perspective, infusing the narrative with Lex Mayhew’s unique artistic flair. The result is a collection beyond mere visual appeal, inviting viewers to explore the layers of meaning and emotion embedded in each piece


Gallery Exclusive. Edition of 25

(For confirmation of the Edition number, please contact the Gallery for further information).


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