Dusty Springfield – Lenticular by Gavin Evans



Edition Size: 90cm edition limited to 50 lenticulars, 60cm edition limited to 100 lenticulars.
Medium: Photography
Materials: Lenticular Print.
Size (cm): Image size 60cm or 90cm Image size

Prices include frames.



Dusty Springfield – Lenticular by Gavin Evans

About this piece: This stunning lenticular print by Gavin Evans of British 60’s icon and one of the most successful British female performers on both sides of the Atlantic. The breath-taking lenticular artwork uses a series of tiny vertical lenses to create a spectacular effect. Perspective and parallax are at play; no two viewpoints are the same. The lenticular is a constantly shifting narrative as shards of light refract, dissipate and dissolve.

The framing options vary dependent on the print size selected:

  • 90cm print size is supplied floated in deeper frame without glass.
  • 60cm print size is available floated in deeper frame without glass.
  • 60cm print size is available in copper frame with museum glass, no mount.
  • 60cm print size is available triple mounted with museum glass.

For more information on framing options, please contact us.


60cm limited to 100.
90cm limited to 50.

Lenticular Print.

(For confirmation of the Edition number, please contact the Gallery for further information).


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  • *Delivery 3 – 15 Days (Terms & conditions apply)*
  • UK courier deliveries typically received next day, once despatched.
  • All Artwork in The Gallery can be delivered within 72 hours in the UK

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60x60cm, 90x90cm

Select Framing Options

Floated in Deep Frame/No Glass, Copper Frame/Museum Glass/No Mount, Triple Mounted/Museum Glass


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