“Even Better Than The Real Thing”


Medium: Printmaking
Materials: Brushed Aluminium with a high gloss finish, matt black wood frame
Size (cm): 97 x 97


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“Even Better Than The Real Thing”

About this piece: High grade brushed aluminium with a hand varnished finish presented in a matt black wood frame. Inspired by U2’s iconic track “Even Better Than The Real Thing,” this artwork delves into the enigmatic realm of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, asking us to question the very fabric of our reality. The artwork presents a wireframe virtual setting with a medley of captivating objects gracefully floating around in a cube: a satellite dish, a plane, a brave astronaut, and an iconic Trabant car (Paying homage to U2’s early 90s imagery).

Navigating the fake world we live in amidst the truth of Coca Cola !

A stroke of irony is introduced by the inclusion of a Warhol-inspired coke bottle and the timeless Coca Cola slogan “It’s the real thing.” The artwork conveys the notion that while our perception of reality may falter in the 2020’s as we navigate what is real and what is fake, there remains an unwavering certainty in the age old authenticity of Coca Cola.

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