“Faith” George Michael



Edition: Series of 3 mixed media originals.
Medium: Mixed media, pencil sketch, printmaking, graphics, neon
Materials: Magenta and warm white neon lights on rose gold aluminium.
Size (cm): 104 x 104 with a 5cm deep bespoke solid English oak frame



“Faith” George Michael by Louis Sidoli

About this piece: “Faith” was released in October 1987 as the title track from George Michaels’s debut album of the same name. It held the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for four weeks and was the number-one single of the year in the United States in 1988. The song also reached number two on the UK Singles Chart.

The artwork features a side profile of George Michael, his gaze fixated on a vibrant magenta neon cross. The neon flawlessly weaves the very title of the track, “FAITH,” into its intricate glass design.

As you delve deeper into the artwork, you’ll discover vintage print elements, paying homage to the track that took the world by storm. From the legendary BSA logo, prominently featured on George’s leather jacket, to a silhouette of the maestro himself, standing tall behind the neon cross, gripping a guitar that echoes the imagery of the music video. But that’s not all – the artwork also tastefully incorporates a cross-shaped fusion of a guitar and dance diagram steps, heavily influenced by early Warhol works.
The backdrop of the piece is adorned with an intricate map of West London, an homage to Sarm West studios where the magic of “Faith” was first captured.

Traditional hand crafted glass tubes which are vacuum filled with neon and argon gas. They are mounted high grade brushed aluminium artwork with a flawless high gloss finish and float mounted in a bespoke oak frame. Colour: Magenta and warm white neon lights on rose gold aluminium.

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