“Island Life” Grace Jones



Edition: Series of 3 mixed media originals.
Medium: Mixed media, pencil sketch, printmaking, graphics, neon
Materials: On brushed natural  aluminium with traditional hand crafted warm white neon lights.
Size (cm): 104 x 104 with a 5cm deep bespoke solid English oak frame



“Island Life” Grace Jones by Louis Sidoli

About this piece: A nautical-inspired neon masterpiece paying tribute to the iconic songstress Grace Jones. Drawing inspiration from her 1975 debut hit “I Need A Man” and her legendary 1980’s greatest hits compilation “Island Life,” this artwork seamlessly intertwines both musical milestones and encapsulates Grace Jones’ cultural impact, pushing the boundaries of art, music and gender.

Immerse yourself in the disco era with Grace dressed as a sailor, reminiscent of her late 70’s period. This imagery finds its roots in a very famous image of Marlene Dietrich donning a sailor uniform. Renowned artist Richard Bernstein, a dear friend of Grace Jones and the chief designer behind Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine,” also immortalized her in this striking sailor outfit for the back cover of her 1978 “Fame” album.

The backdrop incorporates a print collage, carefully crafted from vintage materials. Delve into her roots with a map of Jamaica, the birthplace that shaped her into the legendary performer we know today. Adding a touch of unexpected is a torn image from a 1950’s gay porn magazine featuring a sailor, referencing her status as a gay icon and enhancing the artwork’s playful intrigue. Stealing the spotlight at the foot of the portrait is the title of her debut disco track “I Need A Man,” stenciled with engineering precision.

A delectably intelligent twist unfolds as the artwork plays with Grace Jones’ gender-bending persona. The iconic neon lights depicting the “male sex symbol” are reinvented in pink feminine hues, unleashing a delightful paradox, as Grace herself embodies the essence of masculinity!

Traditional hand crafted glass tubes which are vacuum filled with neon and argon gas. They are mounted high grade brushed aluminium artwork with a flawless high gloss finish and float mounted in a bespoke oak frame. Colours: Magenta and warm white neon lights on natural aluminium.

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