“Let’s Dance” David Bowie (Neon)



Edition: Original.
Medium: Mixed media, pencil sketch, printmaking, graphics, neon
Materials: Brushed aluminium with high gloss finish and hand blown traditional glass neon tubes.
Size (cm): 101 x 101 framed



“Let’s Dance” David Bowie by Louis Sidoli

About this piece: Featuring traditional hand crafted clear glass neon tubes which are vacuum filled with neon gas and mounted on high grade brushed aluminium artwork with a flawless high gloss finish. The aluminium artwork is bonded in a solid oak frame. The lightweight aluminium construction features ‘plug and play’ design for simple installation.

This artwork encapsulates the compelling story behind David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” hit record, capturing both its global success and the powerful message it conveyed.

In March 1983, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”became his most mainstream achievement by soaring to the top of charts worldwide. The song’s music video, filmed in Australia, shed light on the struggles faced by Aboriginal Australians.

The artwork masterfully captures the essence of this iconic record. At its heart, a striking pair of glass neon red shoes command attention, not only embodying the song’s lyrics but also encapsulating the video’s poignant theme. The shoes symbolize the collision between consumer capitalism and the hardships experienced by the Aboriginal community. They also reference the film “Red Shoes,” renowned for its cultural significance.

Set against a backdrop of Australia’s map, the artwork pays homage to the video’s location in Carinda, a tiny town nestled in New South Wales. This visual representation adds depth and contextual relevance to the piece, immersing viewers in the very location where the narrative unfolded.

Furthermore, art enthusiasts will find nods to Andy Warhol woven into the composition. The red shoes, meticulously screen-printed, harken back to Warhol’s iconic “Halston” shoe series from the early 1980s. Additionally, an allusion to Warhol’s early 1960s works is found through the inclusion of a dance manual teaching how to “Dance The Blues”.

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