“That’s Life” Frank Sinatra



Edition: Series of 3 mixed media originals.
Medium: Mixed media, pencil sketch, printmaking, graphics, neon
Materials: Pink brushed aluminium with high gloss finish and hand blown traditional glass magenta neon tubes.
Size (cm): 98 x 98 solid English oak frame



“That’s Life” Frank Sinatra by Louis Sidoli

About this piece: Sinatra swagger from Blue Eyes himself himself dodging a nuclear bomb under neon lights. Inspired by Sinatra’s iconic “That’s Life” and its recent resurgence in the 2019 Joker movie, this artwork carries personal meaning for the artist, weaving multiple layers of clever messages and symbolism.

At the center, we see Sinatra superimposed on the classic Warner Brothers Looney Tunes “That’s All Folks” ending sequence. A stark contrast unfolds against this familiar cartoon backdrop: a nuclear bomb explodes in the background, juxtaposed with a vibrant magenta neon sign pulsating with Sinatra’s signature lyric, “That’s Life Folks.”

This imagery represents the harsh realities of life. When faced with setbacks and challenges, akin to the metaphorical “nuclear bomb,” going off, the artwork suggests resilience and perseverance.

Life throws “nuclear bombs,” the artist says, “But like Frank says in the song, you gotta dust yourself off and get back in the race.”

Made with traditional hand crafted glass tube, vacuum filled with argon and neon gas. Mounted on high grade brushed aluminium artwork with a flawless high gloss finish and float mounted in a bespoke solid oak frame.

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