“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” The Beatles



Edition: Series of 3 mixed media originals.
Medium: Mixed media, pencil sketch, printmaking, graphics, neon
Materials: On natural aluminium with traditional hand crafted ruby red and bright white neon lights.
Size (cm): 92 x 92 with 4cm deep bespoke frame – Painted white wood with black anodised aluminium trim



“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” The Beatles by Louis Sidoli

About this piece: This thought provoking art draws inspiration from the iconic Beatles record, “Revolution”, which captured the essence of rebellion with its infectious guitar riffs and defiant lyrics. It became an anthem of the anti-establishment movement in the late 1960s, reminding us to question authority and embrace change.

But that’s not all. It also finds its groove in the powerful counterculture track, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott Heron. Through his biting social commentary, he emphasizes that change and revolution will not be conveniently broadcasted and consumed like an entertainment spectacle and that it requires active participation and cannot be passively observed on a television screen.

Enter the artwork itself – a portable black and white Sony TV from the late 1960s, recreated with skillful neon glass tubes outlining its form. The backdrop flaunts horizontal lines – a nostalgic sight on old-school black and white TVs of that era. On this TV screen, you’ll witness The Beatles rocking out on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964. It was a historic moment, drawing a staggering 73 million people in front of their TV sets. The pop culture revolution had begun…

The artwork seamlessly combines all these influences into a captivating story. It embraces the power of the past and reminds us of the transformative potential within our modern world.

Traditional hand crafted glass tube vacuum filled with argon and neon gas. Mounted on high grade brushed aluminium artwork with a flawless high gloss finish and float mounted in a bespoke wood and anodised aluminum frame. Colours: Ruby red and bright white neon lights on natural aluminium

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