Velvet Underground – Keith’s 12” Collection



Edition: 20 (30.5cm), 10 (60cm), 5 (75cm)
 Giclee print on to 300gr paper
Size (cm):
 30.5 x 30.5, 60 x 60, 75 x 75


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Velvet Underground – Keith’s 12” Collection

About this piece: Velvet Underground – Keith’s 12” Collection. “The Velvet Underground” is the eponymous third studio album by the influential American rock band The Velvet Underground, released in 1969. This iconic record pushed boundaries with its blend of rock, experimental sounds, and poetic lyrics. With tracks like “Sweet Jane” and “Rock & Roll,” the album showcases the band’s raw energy, diverse musical styles, and Lou Reed’s distinct vocals. “The Velvet Underground” challenged conventional norms and inspired countless musicians with its avant-garde approach. Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking sound of “The Velvet Underground” and discover why it remains a timeless masterpiece in the history of rock music.

Part of a new collection of high quality Giclee prints. As a huge fan of the iconic artist Keith Haring, TBOY reimagined what it would be like if Keith had designed the artwork for some of the most influential albums ever made, Keith’s 12 inch collection was born!

Each album cover is giclee printed onto 300 gram Snowdon art paper and presented in a black fame. Signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.
Now available in a choice of sizes: Original 30.5cm (edition of 20), 60cm (edition of 10) and a 75cm version (edition of 5).

TBOY studied at Worthing college of art and design, first in fine art and then continuing on to 3D design. Influenced by iconic people , music, gaming and moments in time, TBOY’s work has sold all over the world. His work has been exhibited in London, Manchester, Brighton and New York. TBOY is obsessed with detail and finish in his work and likes to mix thought provoking messages and humour with an increasing focus on one off and limited runs.

Size and Edition:
12in (30.5cm) edition of 20
23.6in (60cm) edition of 10
29.5in (75cm) edition of 5

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30.5cm (12in), 60cm (23.6in), 75cm (29.5in)


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