RCA (Original) – David Bowie By Louis Sidoli


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David Bowie By Louis Sidoli ‘RCA’ Neon Most Wanted Series.

This piece is made from a Brushed Aluminium float including hand made glass neon tubes,  mounted within a solid English Oak and anodised aluminium frame. 

This ORIGINAL piece is exclusive to Labyrinth Gallery.

Edition: Original

Medium: Printmaking, Collage, Neon

Materials: Ink, polished anodised aluminium, hand made glass neon tubes.

Size (cm): 100 x 100cm x 10 including Solid English oak and polished aluminium frame

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David Bowie By Louis Sidoli ‘RCA’ Neon Most Wanted Series (Original)

About this piece: Featured in the “Golden Years” exhibition, this piece is from the “Most Wanted” series of portraits, based on police mugshots of pop icons. RCA is the record label on which Bowie released all of his 1970’s classic albums. The lightening flash in the logo is also a reference to Alladin Sane.

This piece was originally Designed, Hand Sketched, Drawn and then Digitally Printed. Each piece of his artwork is always hand signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

About this series: First produced in 2009, the ‘Most Wanted’ series of artworks, based on police mugshots of pop culture icons became a best selling international published print edition by Washington Green Fine Art. Limited editions and mixed media originals of the series are owned by collectors worldwide, including many high profile personalities.

Louis’ Neon Art & Originals: Artist Statement: 

“I was the first artist to combine portraiture with neon art. The inspiration came from both Andy Warhol’s 1970’s / 80’s ‘celebrity portraits’ and the work of neon artists such as Dan Flavin, Tracey Emin and Chris Bracey”.


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