Bowie – Diamond Dog Rare Original 1974 Mainman Poster with Hand-Signed CD



Materials: Original Poster and hand signed CD.
Size (cm): 1000×60


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Bowie – Diamond Dog Rare Original 1974 Mainman Poster with Hand-Signed CD

About this piece: Rare and original 1974 Mainman poster mounted above a Diamond Dog CD which is hand signed by David Bowie. Mounted and presented in a black frame with AR70 non-reflective art glass. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and/or additional provenance.

Diamond Dogs was Bowie’s eighth studio album. Released on 24 May 1974 through RCA Records. Bowie produced the album and recorded it in early 1974 in London and the Netherlands, following the disbanding of his backing band the Spiders from Mars and the departure of producer Ken Scott. Bowie played lead guitar on the record in the absence of Mick Ronson.

The cover artwork depicts Bowie as a striking half-man, half-dog grotesque. He sports his Ziggy Stardust haircut and two “freak-show” dogs surround him shown against a backdrop of New York City. The artwork originated from a photo session with photographer Terry O’Neill. Bowie opted not to use any of his previous cover artwork photographers and instead requested the services of Belgian artist Guy Peellaert, whose recently published Rock Dreams catalogue, featuring numerous airbrushed and exploited photographs, was growing in popularity. Bowie invited Peellaert to the photoshoot where he posed as a dog and with a Great Dane brought to the session. Bowie asked Peellaert if he would like to develop a painting for the artwork, based on a storyboard idea where he appeared as a half-man, half-dog, stylistically similar to Peelleart’s artwork for the Rolling Stones’ It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll. Peellaert agreed, basing the backdrop on a book he owned about Coney Island’s Pleasure Park. The two dogs behind Bowie were based on the Island’s Cavalcade Variety Show performers Alzoria Lewis (known as “the Turtle Girl”) and Johanna Dickens (known as “the Bear Girl”).


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