Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska Cover, 1975 by David Michael Kennedy



Edition Size: 10 (+4 Aps) Edition number provided on request
Medium: Photography
Materials: Paper.
Size (in): Image size 22×36



Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska Cover, 1975 by David Michael Kennedy

About this piece: Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska album cover photograph. From a limited edition of 10 (+ 4 APs) the print is a signed, numbered and handmade palladium print made by David Michael Kennedy. Original photograph printed directly from the original negative. Hand-Signed/Estate Stamped by the Photographer or Estate. Limited Edition Available in Select Sizes. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

David Michael Kennedy recalls: “The cover shot was taken from the window of an old pick-up truck in the dead of winter. I was on a road trip, and my girlfriends brother was driving. We were in a super great snow storm and within minutes of this shot the storm hit hard and we were in total white out for hours. I thought that image might be my last! This was in the winter of 1975 and I had just finished a rough couple of months in New York City. I decided to take a road trip and have a bit of Rest and Relaxation. At that time I was doing a lot of fashion and advertising work as well as beginning to shoot covers but I really needed to get back to my roots and just do some images for me. So off on the road I went.”

“When Bruce was working on The Nebraska album he had an idea for a landscape in mind for the cover. He was working with Andy Klein as the art director on the cover. Andy was familiar with my portraits and she also was aware of my landscape work so she asked me to put together some of my landscapes to show to Bruce. He fell in love with the image (that became the cover) and knew it was right for the cover.”

Editions: Edition number provided on request

Materials: Paper

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