Bambi – The King



Edition Size: Original
Materials: Stencil, Spray Paint, Oil and Diamond Dust on metal
Size (cm): 85×61



Bambi – The King

About this piece: Original Stencil, Spray Paint, Oil and Diamond Dust on metal.

Bambi is the pseudonym of a contemporary British street artist. Her works focuses on contemporary female identity and its relationship to patriarchal culture. She also highlights political and social injustice. “Bambi” is derived from the childhood family nickname “Bambino” and is a popular artist within the show business world. Dubbed “The Female Banksy,” Bambi creates stenciled works which are frequently described as gritty and masculine in appearance even if she is exploring themes of feminism, popular and street culture, while using incorporating spray painting techniques with unique mediums such as diamond dust and gold leaf.



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